Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Finally Happened...

Before I was born my parents had an antiques booth which they reluctantly gave up after the birth of my little brother two years later. Although they didn't have a retail outlet, they both still collected (my mother bought rugs, and my father bought coin silver). By their example I began collecting at a very young age as well and developed an interest in all things 19th century. At 15 I began working at a local antiques mall and a year later was given a small space in the mall which I still maintain. My father recently moved to Greenville, South Carolina where we opened a booth together at Antiques on Augusta (a superb antiques mall that is a must if you're ever there). Meanwhile in Charleston, I've managed a top designer's antiques booth at 17 South Antiques, and currently consult with another antiques dealer on her space. I've always wanted a space in Charleston and recently found out one was opening at Antiques of South Windermere (the owner of this mall also owns 17 South). I jumped at the opportunity. After a quick three day trip back to Greenville and Columbia to pull from my existing inventory, my booth is now installed. Not wanting to complete devastate my other spaces, this booth is a little lacking in furniture... but it will get there. Here's a view of the transformation and my current inventory.

The space before...
It felt like a suburban mom's garage hoard. Not to mention that back wall either needed to be covered with plywood or fabric.

I had the owner cover the studs with plywood and I then painted the walls a dusty plum that I previously used in a former apartment. It cleaned the space up and really set it apart from the rest of the booths.

The next day after the installation...

A fantastic Empire table top mirror...

Three mid-19th century trunks that came out of an amazing Charleston home... they have period labels and one is even stamped "J. Ravenel Charleston SC" on the side...

A vignette of items on top of an Art Deco side table with a blue mirrored top...

A 19th century document box on a custom stand I had made... now it's the perfect height to rest a cocktail on...

 Check back as the booth and inventory changes!
I hoping to reinvent it with a Hollywood Regency twist in the coming months... just purchased a vintage brass arm chair yesterday...


  1. such fun and such a great deal of work! well done-wonderful choice of color. pgt

  2. Hello William:
    Would that we could be there! You have so many very attractive and interesting items on your stand that it would be difficult to know quite where to start. The trunks are wonderful and we have always rather fancied the idea of having a stack of something similar in our main hall. Equally, we rather go for both the looking glass and the side table upon which it stands.

    We were interested to learn of your background in the antique business and are delighted for you that your empire is extending even as we write this. We do so hope that you will continue to post from your various outlets.

    The purple backdrop is a wonderful colour and does, as you say, set you apart.

  3. Love your booth and your old trunks! I found one one day, on the side of the road near my parents house, probably from the 20's, that stands up and has hangers and drawers...One of my favorite finds!

  4. Jane and Lance- thank you so much for all of your compliments! This is just the beginning of the booth and it will definitely grow and improve over the next few months!

    Daniel- thank you as well! I've loved these trunks... I had them in the bedroom of a former apartment and really enjoyed them, but it's time for them to find a new home. I love old trunks and have an even more spectacular one in storage that is massive and probably from the 1820s... won't be selling that one anytime soon. It's amazing what you can find on the side of the road...

  5. Just discovered your blog! I'm in Greenville will definitely be adding you to my reading list

  6. Please do! I'm not in Greenville, I'm in Charleston, but my father lives there and I'm there often.