Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wrestling: an art form

Andy Warhol, Greco-Roman Figures, 1986

Italian late 19th Century marble copy of The Wrestlers

Italian Grand Tour Bronze of The Wrestlers, late 19th century

Stereoscopic view of The Wrestlers in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

An Italian Charcoal Drawing, Circa 1755, Giovanni Domenico Campiglia

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, Alexander Louis Leloir, 1865

Thomas Eakins, 1899

Photographic Study, Thomas Eakins, 1883

Art Students Wrestling, Thomas Eakins, 1883


  1. It is indeed when put like this!

  2. Of all the weapons in Chuck Taylor's arsenal, this is clearly the most lethal.

    More CHIKARA goodness: Chuck Taylor's Invisible Grenade