Monday, November 7, 2011

The Pope

So are you obsessed with the painted Empire screen, the cast bronze leaf, or the taxidermy bird? They're all amazing and they're all available at my favorite Charleston antiques store, John Pope Antiques. John has had the shop for the last 4 or 5 years and has done amazingly well... from museum quality antiques to really affordable pieces, you'll definitely find something to take home.
Normally most people would be worried about the extra expenses of living in New York... I'm actually going to be saving money since I will no longer be able to regularly frequent this shop.

A collage of paintings from every period... I've always loved the St. Sebastian on the demi-lune table...

I love everything about this combination... the painting, that tribal fabric, and the blown glass light fixture...

This pair of lamps are definitely my favorites right now. Cast metal painted to simulate marble? I don't care if they're Jansen or not, I'll take them!

A detail of my lamps...

What is there not to like about this? 
Well... actually I can understand someone hating it, but that's fine, just means it'll have a better chance of ending up with me.

I love the vibrant glazes of these Asian statues... instant collection. I'm particularly obsessed with that turquoise color right now.

and finally, something I wouldn't normally go for... but I love the purples and blacks in this painting, especially combined with that pop of chartreuse 

Basically you have to stop by if you're ever in Charleston... I mean, he carries around an 18th century chalice to drink out of with his Pope costume every Halloween... I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any more sybaritic than that.


  1. Truly a wonderful place. I would love to visit Charleston, so nice to see it honored here before your depart.

  2. a wonderful look. I am crazy about that last painting - love the colors. I'll look that place up next time we're there...donna

  3. You'll definitely have to... John has excellent taste. If you make it before christmas you'll also have to check out Antiques of South Windermere (just a few mins from downtown). John has two booths there and I have one as well (until the end of December, when I'm home for the holidays I'll be closing my booth)

  4. Great post, I enjoyed the window shopping.