Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I just can't get enough...

 ... of taxidermied fauna.
I'm all for animal rights and everything... but I still don't mind wearing them or displaying them on my coffee table...

Amazing mounted beetles from Ainsworth-Noah via 1stDibs... 
could these seriously be more amazing?

A vintage stuffed Alligator via 1stDibs... 
I want to mount him so he looks like he's crawling up the wall so badly...

... how could you ever get tired of looking at these? 

adorable, but with just the right amount of evilness.


  1. OMG....you + me = soul mates ;)
    In fact, I'm so sick that I have a huge shadowboxed beetle, lucite-encased butterflies, a taxidermy bird AND two live, flapping, caged parakeets all in the circumference of one living room.
    Cheers and stay weird, Alcira


  2. Me,you and him! I have this very creature on wood, however mine isn't quite as evil - he sits on my bureau. I live 10 miles from Brantwood; where Ruskin spent the majority of his time. I adore this blog - currently salivating over anything Fornasetti.