Thursday, March 10, 2011

The William Vanderhorst House

I'm currently dog/house sitting for a friend who lives, what Charlestonians refer to as, South of Broad, meaning in the most historic, beautiful, and desirable part of the city of Charleston located South of Broad Street on the very end of the peninsula. 
On our nightly walks we always pass the William Vanderhorst House at 54 Tradd Street. The stucco has aged to an uneven sandy color and the trim is a traditional Charleston green (green so deep it reads as black). Although the house appears so plain, there's something so textured and layered about its appearance... it's a home that looks as if it lives and breathes. 

I was disappointed to see only four photos of the structure on the Historic American Buildings website... 
but I love this portrait of the home... the little convertible Mercedes-Benz is the perfect little juxtaposition with this venerable old building. 


  1. Hi William when was this house built? I love the way the wrought-iron baloney semicircles out in the middle and the transom over the door. This home would fit in well in the French Quarter.

  2. I'm not sure, probably c. 1740. Any later than that and the Charleston Single house form would have predominated.

  3. Hi William,
    What a treat to find you. The style and manner of your blog is really wonderful. I am looking foreward to the future with the Sybaritic.

  4. Thank you! Keep checking back!