Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mad Men Style: Part 2

Roger Sterling's office... I love the classical marble statue. Completely unexpected.

The faux draped fabric wallpaper in Sal's home is fantastic...

The Drapers' formal living room pre-'redecoration'... I love the wall color and the pair of Asian chairs are wonderful

The 'redecorated' living room...
The wall color is the same and the drapes are suspiciously similar. However, the pair of chairs and the Asian inspired sofa are great.

The lobby of Conrad Hilton's hotel in Rome... I love the columns and the gold-leaf domed ceiling...

A detail of one of the mosaic columns... fabulous

Roger Sterling's new office... so completely chic then, and still as stylish today. I could do without the mushroom shaped lamp, but the Saarinen desk and the black and white art work are to die for...

Sterling's home... I love the juxtaposition of the antiques such as the harp and the wood paneling with the modern leather and chrome furniture.
I can't wait for the next season...


  1. Can I say that I loved mid century modern before TV made it desirable?

  2. I'll be honest... I haven't always been the hugest fan, but my current love of it isn't rooted in its TV exposure. Before, I was ignorant and associated cheaply made furniture and kitschy wallpaper with the 1950s-1970s but the discovery of beautiful and high quality pieces has changed my stance. I admire Mad Men for its authenticity and consistency.