Friday, April 20, 2012

Who said subways can't be glamorous?

I stumbled upon these fantastic 1970s gold and bronze glazed tiles in the 34th Street subway station. I hope when this subway is renovated in the next 20 years and these are removed I'll be in position to acquire them for whatever amazing property I'm inhabiting.


  1. Under previous employment with the architectural firm charged with renovating the subterranean commercial space just outside the turnstiles at one of the subway entrances near the Citicorp Building, I laid out the tile pavers. Unfortunately my boss was color-blind and ordered my scheme changed to high gloss orange and blue, claiming he thought it was two satin tones of warm gray. Gold would have been better.

  2. The gold is by far my favorite, however, I also love the bright orange tiles as well. These came as such as a surprise when I rounded the corner. I really assumed someone had spray painted them, I never thought it was a possibility to find such a chic architectural element that feels so fresh and modern even now.