Saturday, April 21, 2012

The most sybaritic sale to date

I stumbled across Sotheby's sale of the Collection of Prince and Princess Henry De la Tour d'Auvergne Lauraguais the other day at work. If only I was in London on May 3rd... 
I could definitely find a few things to bring back to New York.

A gilt bronze mounted mahogany green painted and parcel gilt campaign bed, Empire, 1st quarter of the 19th Century

Two pomegranates, Qajar, Persia 19th Century

Three gilt bronze and green painted tole chandeliers, Empire Style, 20th century

A silk and metal thread applique "bohca" panel, Ottoman, Bursa, or Istanbul, 19th Century
(ethnic textiles are a new love)

Emilio Terry (1890-1969) An Ornate Fountain, 1931
A number of these fantastical sketches are included in the sale

You won't be disappointed... the Prince and Princess were studied sybarites.