Thursday, May 3, 2012

Up at the Villa...

Anne Bancroft is looking fabulous.

Her best line of the film?
" know, sex and champagne in the afternoon or something like that."

And the sets aren't half bad either... 1930s fascist architecture and Florentine villa casualness meets Sister Parish chic. Definitely worth a view. 


  1. Hello William:
    Not known to us but will be guided by your recommendation. The 'stills' certainly have an appeal!

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  2. Greetings,
    As a film novice, I need to ask: What film is pictured in your Blog? Are the furnishings and sets as compelling as the images suggest?
    Thank you for your wit.

  3. The name of the film is Up at the Villa. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. The sets are wonderful and very authentic- the film is set in Florence on the eve of World War II- and the costumes are as well.