Friday, February 25, 2011

19th Century Wallpaper

 Today I'm working on my Bachelor's Essay and as I sift through books on mid 19th century curtains, carpets, and furniture, I find myself increasingly distracted by the wallpaper. I love the hand blocked prints and their irregular discoloration... I wish I could buy them already distressed, tattered, and hanging from my walls.

A flocked Rococo design from the V&A collection, c. 1760

An amazing panel of panoramic wallpaper... I love the juxtaposition of the paper with the 1940s portrait and its unceremonious setting...

A 19th century hat box covered in period wallpaper... I wish I could find a top hat with that print on it...

The object of my research... the Aiken Rhett House double parlors. Untouched since 1918 and retaining their original 1830s empire furniture and 1850s French wallpaper. The house is preserved as-is rather than being restored, making it even more haunting and romantic.

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