Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fornasetti, an Obsession

 I've been lusting after this book for months now... when I finally purchase it I know I'm going to have to block out a solid week to stay in my apartment and read every page... also, the fact that it is covered in faux malachite doesn't hurt either.

I've been meaning to amass an umbrella collection so I have a legitimate excuse to purchase this "Ruins" umbrella stand...

...and I'm definitely going to need my entrance hall or bathroom covered in this Cole & Son faux malachite Fornasetti wallpaper.

Amazing... and if it couldn't get better...

...when I saw the "Panoplies" secretary I realized I'm missing part of my soul... I have to be united with this piece of furniture.

I absolutely love these panels...

...and a desk covered in guns and keys? So incredible.
As much as I love the "Ruins" umbrella stand... I'm starting to think I'd give my left hand for this one.

 My own meager collection... expansion in progress. 

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