Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gilded Dolphins

Yesterday I found myself on the beach at Sullivan's Island where we always see dolphins leaping out of the water... which got me thinking about how much I love dolphins, the fish not the mammals, especially when gilded and incorporated into some piece of furniture...

An amazing Swedish giltwood console table c. 1820

An English lead model of a dolphin, c. 1830 

A fantastic giltwood Venetian grotto seat

An important American Empire console table photographed in the Aiken-Rhett House, Charleston, SC in 1918. This fantastic piece of furniture is still in the house today. 


  1. very interesting grotto seat. the newest post of yours is also intresting, the interior scene of that old house. very beautiful.

  2. Thank you- the last photo of the 'dolphin' post is also a photograph of the double parlors of that house. It's a spectacular home... completely untouched with wallpaper hanging from the walls and pieces of the ceiling missing. If you're ever in Charleston, SC you'll have to go see it