Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cecil Beaton,

I need you to photograph me like this...

Portrait of Viktor Kraft by Cecil Beaton, c. 1950s
Image: Christie's


  1. Hello William:
    But, dear William, this is just as we imagine you are always photographed. And how wonderful your album must be.

  2. That makes me smile... and you're right. Although I'm not as creative as Cecil Beaton was, I did photograph and did a series of dramatic self portraits a while back. Maybe I'll post them after I photograph them digitally.

  3. wouldn't it be wonderful to recreate that setting and mood. I adore Cecil Beaton, I believe at the V&A last year they did some portrait photography in the mode of Beaton in conjunction with a Beaton show. Would love to see the self portraits. I have always be intrigued by the Beaton backdrops and settings-I just did a post on it last week-I think. This one is lovely. pgt

  4. Beautiful and romantic and timeless! The other day I was admiring Beaton's photos of Lucian Freud....there must be something in the air.