Monday, June 6, 2011

Petah Coyne

While digging through my piles of magazine articles I rip it out whenever I clean out my masses of magazines, I came back across images of Petah Coyne's sculptures. They're haunting and beautiful... and incorporate taxidermy peacocks, so of course I love them. The above image is the cover of the Yale University Press book on her work.

Wax flowers consume taxidermy birds... 
image from Abigail Doan

Click the image above to more photos of the artist's work...


  1. so glad you highlighted her Petah Coyne has a major piece at the Nasher that I have grown-it was not instant to love, I have some secret snaps of it that I should share at some point. her ideas are intriguing and tie in to much of how we see the world. pgt

  2. This work is fantastic! Thank you for posting about this artist!