Monday, May 23, 2011


Our favorite little trendy restaurant in Budapest... unfortunately we discovered it our last evening...

Right at the base of Buda hill and steps away from the Miklos staircase, this little restaurant is fantastic. White Stark chairs, fantastic chandeliers, and flocked wallpaper with silhouettes make this hip little restaurant completely fabulous. The wine selection is fantastic, and the food is even better. They are currently working on opening a gourmet grocery in the basement of the restaurant with delicacies from all over Europe. Definitely not to be missed!

Visit them here:


  1. looks fantastic. anything there would taste wonderful...

  2. Hello William:
    Now this is a discovery for us as well! Normally we rarely 'do' Buda, being rather more Pest people ourselves. But, we shall try out your recommendation for sure.

  3. Thank You so much this kind post !! Hope we can met again as soon as possible !