Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Vienna Secession Building

This was definitely something I was dying to see and it did not disappoint. Gustav Klimt's 1902 Beethoven frieze is located in the basement of this structure. It was purchased by a private collector after its exhibition and later moved to this fitting location. It was one of the most spiritual works of art I have ever seen... it literally moved me to tears.

The Secession Building was almost completely destroyed in World War II and has since been rebuilt and restored.

Gilt snakes biting circles form a frieze around the building... my favorite design element used on the exterior of the structure.

Mosaic urns supported by four bronze turtles flank the entrance.

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  1. Hello William:
    Absolutely wonderful. Indeed, fantastic [a word which one hesitates to use normally]. We had no idea of this previously - something we will correct on our next trip to Vienna.