Monday, May 23, 2011

My favorite site in Budapest...

Within our first day in Budapest, I came across my favorite architectural site in the city. I say site because it is not necessarily a building, but a complex of buildings that make up an elaborate stairway which leads to the top of the hill in Buda. The entire complex is completely rundown and highly deteriorated, which only makes it more appealing. 
This masterpiece of mid-19th century eclecticism was designed by Ybl Miklos. He was one of the most influential architects during this time period in Europe, especially Hungary, and designed the opera house in Budapest as well. His later buildings are marked by an interest in the revival of the Italian Renaissance, such as this complex.

Note how virtually the entire right side of the arch is missing its applied decoration revealing its brick and mortar construction.

This is the central component of the staircase.

The complex from the banks of the Danube in Pest.

A view of the complex from the main bridge spanning the Danube in Budapest.

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  1. Hello William:
    In many ways it is appalling that the work of one of Hungary's major C19 architects should be allowed to fall into this state of disrepair. But,as you say, and with which we so much agree, it is this rather 'knocked back', distressed, run down quality to individual buildings and to the city as a whole which gives it so much of its appeal.