Friday, May 13, 2011

Crumbling Buildings

What I loved most about Budapest was it's authenticity. Although some areas seem somewhat touristy, the majority of the city feels gritty, beautiful and realistic. Many 19th century buildings lining the avenues remain not just un-restored, but in a state of extreme deterioration. Exteriors of these structures, which appear to be palatial stone mansions, have large expanses of decorative stucco missing, revealing their more modest construction method of brick and mortar.


  1. Hello William:
    Oh how we love the peeling stucco! As you say, it all adds to the charm of this, in our opinion,most beautiful of capital cities. But, dear William, you should have seen it when it was all black......and had even less stucco!!

  2. I love the decayed elegance of these buildings. Havana is very much like this also, however the Cuban government is making attempts to restore some of the buildings. I like them in their decayed state.

  3. looks like a beautiful trip, pgt