Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Gellert Baths

As reluctant as I was, I am so glad I went to the baths at the Gellert Hotel and Spa while in Budapest. Not only were the mineral waters fantastic, but the architecture and embellishments in the spa were amazing. The entire space, which consisted of a large vaulted hallway with a stained glass ceiling that led to the baths and pools, was covered in tiles and mosaics. Unfortunately, I could only take a few photographs in the public areas of the baths. The men's bath was spectacular; two pools separated by a central walkway each had glazed terra-cotta fountains.

 The central hall of the spa and the rotunda. 

This ceiling is one of the most spectacular design elements of the entire spa. I especially love the exposed light bulbs.

The entrance area of the spa. I especially love the mosaics around the door frames in this space... would love to have it replicated in a bathroom eventually...


  1. Hello William:
    The Gellert Baths are, as you say, quite spectacular in terms of both the actual waters and the architecture, the detail of which is at times amazing. On your next visit you must visit some of the other baths, equally as impressive, but possibly less well known. It is rather a pity that the Gellert Hotel remains, in our view, somewhat lack lustre, if not a little seedy.

    We return to Budapest tomorrow.

  2. Definitely! I wish we had more time to have done more of that sort of thing. We walked into the lobby of the Gellert expecting an equally impressive architectural masterpiece but were obviously underwhelmed. Nonetheless, it was beautiful and a fantastic experience.

  3. This is beautiful. Mind body and soul edified all at the same time in Baroque splendour!

  4. funny, i was there one year ago :-) and it's true they are amazing :-)